LIVE Weekly Yin Yoga w/ Samantha (3PM EST Start)

Monday, 27 March 2023
02:30 PM EDT


The class is weekly on Mondays (EST) and the Zoom room will be open a 1/2 hour before the start of class. This time is to set up your space or check your technology.

What is this Yin Yoga Practice about?  

A Yin practice is a series of relaxed, stretching poses that we hold from 2 to 5 minutes at a time. It is a great addition to any exercise routine. It's also a wonderful introductory practice to yoga if you have never tried before.

You are invited to dress comfortably in layers for this practice. Staying warm is important for your body's ability to relax.  

Yin yoga is not about effort, but time in the pose. We will give our bodies permission to relax and let go. I am very happy to take requests for poses or areas of the body to focus on.

I like to encourage an eye's closed practice -- bringing the awareness inwards to your body. A reminder that we will all look differently in different poses (asanas) because of skeletal variation. Keeping the eyes closed reminds us that this practice is not about comparison, but self discovery.

During the class you will have the opportunity to bring awareness to your breath and we will always include time for breathwork (pranayama) practices.

What should I know about the class?

Only 10 participants per class. 

Please leave your video on if you would like any assistance with poses. Camera on is not a requirement. 

Please arrive 10 minutes prior to the beginning of class to settle into the space, make requests, or check with your technology.  

The class focuses on a practice that is 60-75 minutes long.  

You are all free to leave early or arrive late, please try not to disturb the class -- just join in and feel welcome. 

90 Minutes is for holding space after the practice. Any questions or reflections are welcome. 


All are welcome.

If this practice helped you in any way, and you are able, please consider making a donation.  

Thank you. Gracias. Tak. Merci. Miigwech. Xie Xie.

What can I bring to class? 

If you have any props please bring them:
- blocks
- straps (housecoat belt or towel also work as a strap)
- blankets
- cushions, bolsters
- couch, chair, bed or floor

All abilities and bodies are welcome -- I'm very open to helping you explore how you best target an area of your body to release tension and invite relaxation.

These items are like good friends; always there to support you. The more you practice the more you will discover which props feel best for you. If you have never used props, consider just having them close by to try in any of the poses.

You of course are not required to have any props, but it can enhance your practice and guide you into deeper releases.

Any challenges or feedback? Please email:  

Looking forward to practising with you all.  

Whirling Rainbow
Samantha Kristoferson