Delicious Homemade Kombucha

Learn How to Brew Your Own Kombucha at Home

Course Summary

Learn how to brew your own Kombucha at home.  

It's way easier and tastier than you think! This isn't any of that store bought sh*t :)  

You'll understand how fermentation happens, how to repurpose old glass jars, and have fun trying different fruits and spices to flavour your bevies!  

What You Will Learn:  

=> Fermentation and getting great bubbles.

=> Creative flavour combinations.

=> Cleaning and maintaining your brewing practice.

=> How amazing Kombucha is. Hands down better than wine or pop!

Why You Should Take This Class:  

Kombucha is a zero waste delicious alternative to store bought products.

You control what goes in and can brew as much or as little as you want to drink or share.  

Learning to brew your own Kombucha is a great addition to any foodie's repertoire.

Not to mention it's great for building up a strong gut microbiome.

We try to make this skill easy and fun to learn. It doesn't have to be boring to make our own food and beverages.  

Who This Class is for: 

=> People looking for an alternative to alcohol.

=> People who think Kombucha is gross.

=> People who buy Kombucha in the store.

=> People who want to save money and get WAY better flavour.

=> People interested in zero waste. 

=> People healing their stomach.

=> People who want to get creative in the kitchen.

=> People who want to impress family and friends.

Course Curriculum

Emilio & Samantha

I loved the class! I realized how boring my kombucha was and helped me take my homemade kombucha to a whole new level! Thank you, guys!

Jose Anglada

This couple is pretty fun and engaging. I loved the class and will be recommending it to my daughter, so she can add new flavors to her own Kombucha. The class is easy to follow for any levels.

Ileana Chase

I never realised making kombucha was so involved or so incredibly interesting. I must admit the photo of the exploded bottle in the fridge left me laughing about the days of my Mum's exploding ginger beer bottles in the garage during the night! I was salivatiing watching this incredibly enjoyable class and definitely want to start making my own and not buy commercial brands anymore. Thank you Samantha and Emilio.

Victoria Hannah

Great class! I think anyone who loves Booch will enjoy learning how it is made and maybe taking on the challenge of doing it ourselves!

Ashton Obadiah

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