Overcoming & Healing Procrastination

Transform the Habit of Procrastination Into a Healing Opportunity - Get Your Power Back & Move Forward in a More Aligned Way

Course Summary

Procrastination is a habit that you can overcome and heal.

There is so much wisdom and awareness that can be extracted from procrastination.

Learn the reasons why you may be procrastinating and healing strategies that will help you overcome your procrastination habit and get your power back.

You will have space to get in touch with the deep emotions that are causing you to procrastinate.

You will be able then to accept them, and find ways to move forward in a more aligned and fulfilling way.

I will support you in the course classroom.

Session 1 - Procrastination Awareness & Reasons Why You May Procrastinate 

Become aware of what procrastination is, and how this habit or tendency shows up in your life. Uncover the unconscious and emotional reasons that may be causing this procrastination so that you can gently and kindly learn from them and obtain the awareness and wisdom you need to start the process of acceptance.

Session 2 - Embracing your Procrastination Meditation

Enjoy time and space to connect with your procrastination, so that you can notice it and embrace it. I will guide you on a gentle self-discovery journey where you will become aware of how procrastination may show up in different areas of your life. You don’t need to do anything with it yet, just notice it and accept it. It is what it is right now 😉

Session 3 - Overcoming & Healing Your Procrastination 

Learn strategies to overcome procrastination & Get Your Power Back. Now that you have connected with your procrastination tendencies and have a better awareness of the different reasons that may be causing them, it’s time to explore new ways to overcome this procrastination habit & heal all the emotional reasons behind it. It’s time to get your power back in a way that feels good to you. 

Course Curriculum

KW Professional Organizers

Emilio is a playful & passionate teacher, speaker, & coach. His mission is to make intentional living simple, fun, & available to every person on the planet. Emilio's teachings are simple, inspiring, and actionable. Emilio can support you with topics like home organization, selfcare, minimalism, time management, meal planning, finances, paper management, and digital organization.

NaseemBanu Mulla

Such an amazing session. Made me think and understand what's holding me back. Thank you so much!


Very insightful, and very supportive instructor.

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