Improve Your Mental Health with Selfcare (Audio Course)

Learn Tools to Help You Improve Your Mental Health, Confidence, Relationships, & Overall Wellness

Course Summary

Selfcare is care provided for you by you.  

Selfcare is a very simple, yet powerful tool that you have to improve your life, confidence, relationships, and overall wellness.

It will also improve your productivity and focus.  

The best way to practice selfcare is by being aware of what makes you feel well, and by reminding yourself of those things every day.  

In this audio course, you are going to learn:

=> What selfcare is.

=> How selfcare can impact every area of your life.

=> How to create your own selfcare list.

=> How to include your loved ones in your selfcare journey.

=> How to create a peaceful place to practice selfcare.

=> How to find the time to actually practice selfcare.

You will also learn about the importance of creating your selfcare list by location and by activity type.  Your selfcare list can be as simple as bullet points and as elaborated as a beautiful painting. And everything in between. There is no right or wrong way to do this. It's your choice and you will learn different approaches so that you can choose the one that fits you best.  

I have included practical exercises that we will do together to help you reconnect with your body with your mind, and help you with intention and self-love.

These guided practices are:  

=> Breathwork

=> Body Scan

=> Meditation

=> Affirmations

=> Visualization

=> Mirror Work Self-love exercise

I have also included a lesson about how to use bullet journaling to maintain, and amplify your selfcare practice.  

Are you ready to bring more joy and intention back into your life while increasing your energy levels and motivation?

Course Curriculum

Emilio Jose Garcia

Thank you, Emilio! You have shared many options for self-care in this course, and more importantly, shown how much we (and those around us) benefit from it. Mirror work and saying “No” have never been easy for me, but the exercises in your course moved me forward in a way that other talks and lectures never could. Because of you I have a clear plan for regularly incorporating activities that nurture me—what a gift you’ve given me!! Thank you for this wonderful course, your energizing Live sessions on IT, and your generous heart.


Great course! So much practical advice to implement into daily life. The course offers guidance not only on mindset around self care but tools to build a practice that works for you. Thanks Emilio!


I loved this course. It is holistic, practical and in many ways just what I needed to take better care of myself and my loved ones. Thank you Emilio 🙏 🙏🙏


I have been stuck for a while now, not really knowing what to do next in my life but having a strong desire to improve and move forward. I have loved this course with Emilio as he has directed me and helped me make many improvements with logical, doable Steps. I am excited about my plan and taking charge of my life!

Dixie Peterson

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