Intentional Time Management (Audio Course)

Discover an Intentional, Practical, & Playful Way to Use Your Time that Feels Aligned & Flexible with Your Evolving Life

Course Summary

Welcome to this time management course where you will learn a practical, flexible, and intentional recipe to master the way you use your time and energy.

You will discover your true intentions, how to gain clarity through your frustrations, and how to accept your current situation so that you can step into new possibilities.  

This course will help you understand the physical, mental, and emotional dimensions of time management so that you can overcome your resistance, your procrastination, and your perfectionism.  

You will also learn the best time management practices that will allow you to create new habits and routines that will support the life that you really want to live.  

And lastly, you will learn healthy ways to set boundaries, deal with interruptions, and communicate clearly with others.



Learn more about this course, and what you will learn, and get to meet your instructor Emilio.  

Intentions & Frustrations

Allow yourself time and space to discover what your true intentions are for your time and energy. It’s ok if you don’t have a clear answer yet. Sometimes, understanding your frustrations can help you gain clarity about what you truly want. Are you ready to find out?  

Becoming Aware & Accepting Your Current Situation

Awareness, acceptance, & forgiveness are very powerful steps that will help you surrender to what it is NOW so that you can then find new possibilities to step into. Are you ready to be compassionate with yourself, break free from the past, and step into new possibilities?  

Mental & Emotional Processing

Become aware of any mental and emotional blockages that you may experience while setting intentions, understanding your frustrations, and noticing your current reality. This session will give you time and guidance on how to notice them and strategies to process them.  

Interruptions, Communication, & Healthy Boundaries

Once you understand what your wants and needs are, it’s time to communicate them clearly, create healthy boundaries, and find effective and loving ways to deal with interruptions and distractions.  

Amplify Your Time with Organization Strategies

Learn how organization strategies can help you avoid wasting time, set up more productive environments, feel more focused, and improve your overall mental and emotional health. When you feel well, you will have more energy to be more intentional with your time.  

Executive Functioning Skills – Understanding How Your Brain Works

Executive functioning skills allow you to understand how you think, how you feel, and how you behave. Understanding these skills is essential to help you notice how your brain works so that you can manage your time and energy with more intention.  

Practical & Playful Time Management Strategies

Learn the best time management strategies of all times, so that you can choose the ones that fit best your personality and lifestyle. I will share them in a very practical way and always including the mental, emotional, and playful angles 😉.  

Designing Your Ideal Week - Creating Routines & Habits

It’s time to transform everything that you have learned in this course into intentional daily/weekly routines and habits that you can start testing. This session will help you tap into your presence & reflection so that you can start letting go of old habits to embrace new ones. By the end of this session, you will have a clear plan of attack to start testing.  

Testing, Tweaking, & Maintaining

Once you have your new routine(s) ready, it’s time to test them, tweak them as needed, and repeat them until they become a new habit that you can maintain. These routines and habits will evolve as your life evolves. 

Course Curriculum

Emilio Jose Garcia


Thank you. I feel excited to put this into practice. Time management is something I’ve never really understood or wanted to address until now. Lots of practical tips.  

Tonia K.

Practical, compassionate and motivating as always.  

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