Declutter Your Mind with Selfcare

Learn What Selfcare Is & Practical Strategies for Creating Your Very Own Selfcare Plan

Course Summary

A lack of understanding of your own personal self care can lead you to feel depressed, anxious, and hopeless in how to feel well.  As an alternative to traditional therapy, this course aims to overcome all 3 of those challenges, by guiding you through what self care is AND practical strategies for creating your very own self care plan.  

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

=> Identify your own needs and taking steps to meet them efficiently.

=> Create your own self care plan.

=> Reduce time-wasters and distractions.

=> Understand the relationship between physical clutter and mental clutter and get started with the decluttering process.

There are many benefits to understanding self care. You become a more aware and empowered person to manage your own health.

You will develop positive habits that reinforce this new way of living, so it’s a life-long investment of your time spent learning.  

Your ability to be open-minded and change your current behavior will have a positive ripple effect in all areas of your life including work, relationships, and overall mental health.  

This course is designed for anyone, regardless of experience level, who wishes to better understand self care.  

You’ll learn how to define and recognize the need for Selfcare, but also how to apply strategies to manage your depression and anxiety. By the end of this course, you’ll have valuable skills that will help you feel confident in living a healthy lifestyle.

Course Curriculum

Emilio & Samantha

This course cover by far a lot more topics than just decluttering the mind! In involves decluttering the space, organizing your life and your projects, living a meaningful life etc. etc. Totally worth it :-)

Lisa Botti

I really liked this class. Very good suggestions and will go back through them again. Great bonus Ted talk.

Lyn Bruce

Very helpful and a good reminder to keep using these strategies and tools for every major (or minor) goal or task. So much insight gained taking this course. The mind mapping is my favorite and also the recipe for an extraordinary life was very helpful as well. I am already implementing them into my life for my 2020 goals one being starting my own business. Thank you so much. Continued success and blessings to you both.

K. B.

It helped put into perspective how my emotional state is ruminating and stopping me from climbing out of a dark hole. I am trying to care for others who are making demands on me at the moment because of their own personal issues and forgetting about myself, I now recognise I need to adopt a self care approach before I can help others.

Jane B.

I really needed self care in my life to avoid burnout which lead me to negative habits but thankfully this course showed me an alternative way which is far more healthier and effective in dealing with my problems.

Sevin A.

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