Understanding Your Executive Functioning Skills (Audio Course)

Become Aware & Improve Your Ability to Control Your Thoughts, Emotions, and Actions So that You Can Manage Your Life Better.

Course Summary

Executive functioning skills allow you to consciously control your thoughts, your emotions, and your actions in order to achieve goals and manage your life.
These skills allow you to manage your working memory, so that you can execute plans, goals, and specific steps needed to reach your goal, organize the order in which you complete activities and use your time, identify what you think about, and help you self-regulate your feelings and emotions.  

This course will help you become aware of your relationship with these skills, how your brain works, and find strategies to complement them.

The executive functioning skills covered in this course are: Working Memory, Adaptable Thinking, Metacognition, Emotional Control, Response Inhibition, Impulse Control, Emotional Self-Regulation, Task Initiation, Focus, Attention Control, Time Management, Completing Tasks, Organization, Planning, Sequencing, Prioritizing, and Transitioning.  

This is a practical course. The main intention for this course is to help you notice your skills one by one, observe how they work in your day-to-day life, and learn strategies to improve them in a way that feels good to you and your brain 😉 

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Emilio Jose Garcia

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