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Emilio & Samantha

 "Its a great simplistic approach to decluttering and organising without to many expensive bells and whistles which makes it a very realistic approach. Thanks so much!." 

Jacqui S.

 "The content was very good, easy to follow, and understand. I really like all the examples shown throughout the course.

Carmen M.

 "This was a unique outlook on the previous information on decluttering I had, which I loved. Especially what to do with paper clutter, was very valuable.. thank you very much!

Annien B.

 "I really needed and enjoyed this class. It was my push to upgrade my life by decluttering, and upgrade my thoughts and actions, so that the clutter never resurfaces again. I am putting this information to work already, and though I have a long way to go, I am encouraged and excited for what is to come. I enjoyed Emilio and Samantha. They are easy to listen to, are very knowledgeable, and put together a very thorough course. It was excellent! Thank you both!!

Marie E. H.

 " I have read over a hundred books on organizing plus TV documentaries and this is by far the best organizing system/method I have ever seen !!! Awesome !!!

Nina M. E.

 " I loved this course! Great tips and techniques and I did not feel overwhelmed or that I needed to go out and purchase a load of stuff to get started. I really enjoyed the course!


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